Cabo Verdean Ecotourism Association, ECOCV, was created in June 2015 by a group of professionals working in various fields from social development, research and tourism to nature conservation, law and banking. We got together, pooled years of experience, shared concerns and vision of the future of Cabo Verde. It became clear that the most effective way for the sustainable development of our small country is based on the values that we still have and call ‘’morabeza crioula’’ rich and unique natural environment, culture, music, strong social bonds, and a house where stranger is welcome like at home.


Economically viable, environmentally sustainable, socially and culturally responsible future for people of Cabo Verde


Connect people of various occupations and interests to achieve balance between environment, economy, culture and society through engagement in responsible tourism, sustainable development and nature conservation


  • Enhance awareness and practices of communities, government, private sector and travellers for environmentally and socially responsible tourism balanced with nature conservation.
  • Raise value and appreciation of nature and culture among Cabo Verdeans and country’s visitors
  • Together with local women and men design and test practical solutions to improve their wellbeing and natural environment through engagement in ecotourism, nature conservation and sustainable development.
  • Enhance capacity of vulnerable and marginalised community groups for self-empowerment and sustainable livelihoods.   

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