27. September 2022
World Tourism Day 2022: Santiago Island, Cabo Verde
This year we celebrate World Tourism Day with a slogan ‘ Rethink Tourism’. And our rural ecotourism network ‘Raiz Azul’- ‘Blue Root’ serves as a wonderful example of a tourism that joins nature, culture and rural communities on Santiago Island.
23. September 2022
Marine biodiversity in Fazenda Bay, Tarrafal, Santiago
The first assessment of marine biodiversity in collaboration with prof. W.J.Szymaniak (UniPiagetCV)
01. August 2022
Climate change mitigation through glass and plastic recycling
ECOCV alongside more than 2500 delegates from 53 African and 20 other countries participated at the first IUCN Congress of Protected Areas of Africa in Kigali, Rwanda. Here we presented our work on recycling and climate change mitigation in Santiago Island.
05. May 2022
New ecotourism network Raiz Azul on the island of Santiago
We invite all to visit a new community- led ecotourism destination the Eco-network Raiz Azul.
06. April 2022
Capacity building of the community guides in Sao Francisco, Porto Mosquito, Gouveia and Rincão, Santiago Island
Capacity building of the community guides in Sao Francisco, Porto Mosquito, Gouveia and Rincão. Over the last two years they received training in various areas from biodiversity monitoring to tour guiding
13. January 2022
Recycling glass and plastic into bricks!
One more experiment completed: bricks with 100% of the recycled glass sand and addition of the shredded plastic PET bottle. Recycle and Reuse: a practical way to sequester CO2 that could be released from plastic in the landfill and would enter the ocean in the form of microplastics.
02. November 2021
Blue Carbon and the mitigation of Climate Change
Blue Carbon – is the carbon stored in marine and coastal ecosystems, from phytoplankton to fish and whales. It is one of the most effective natural tools that Cabo Verde has to mitigate climate change on the global level. For these ecosystems to do their job we need to keep them healthy and resilient.
24. October 2021
Climate change and plastic pollution
One of the main causes of climate change is the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The gases absorb some of the radiation that would otherwise be radiated, keeping the planet warm. Impacts include: sea level rise, reduced agricultural or fisheries production, species extinction, droughts or storms. In Cabo Verde we do not have large industries or high carbon dioxide emissions in the transport sector, but... we have large amounts of plastic products that result in plastic waste!
14. September 2021
Plastic recycling in São Francisco, Santiago Island
01. August 2021
Eco-network Raiz Azul - community based ecotourism

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