20. June 2020
Welcome to ‘Kaza Panu di Tera’ in Gouveia! On Saturday we officially opened the first project center in the village of Gouveia to tell the story of the traditional fabric ‘panu di tera’, its links with local nature and culture. The inspiration came from the partnership with the women’s cooperative Sulada that produces this fabric and local arts and crafts. Everybody is welcome to stop by for a glass of local juice, cake, to buy crafts and take a photo with the symbol of the center...
09. June 2020
Happy World Oceans Day from Santa Cruz, Santiago island! Today the ECOCV team joins the Environmental Association Caretta Caretta to learn how to save dolphins that strand on the beach. Knowing the correct techniques of rescue can help to save lives of these wonderful marine animals. The basic equipment to help dolphins and whales and to collect the data was also prepared for the local team. Every little step that we give for our Blue Planet!
02. April 2020
In March before Quebra Canela beach (Praia, Santiago island) was closed to the public, we carried out a survey focused on the distribution and content of waste in the marine and coastal area of Quebra Canela. Unsurprisingly, plastic was the dominant type of waste, but on the marine area high percentage of metal and fabric were also found. As soon as the beach is reopened the survey will be repeated to collect information on changes associated with the reduced use by humans of this unique urban...
26. March 2020
Just before the COVID-19 quarantine we had a very successful community meeting in Porto Rincao, where big and small joined us for the conversation about protected areas and the establishment of the first MPA on the island of Santiago in Baia do Inferno. We also fed back the results of the socio-ecological survey that was conducted last year in the village when we talked to local fishers and fish sellers about their perception and knowledge on marine resources and the need for more organised...
16. March 2020
With the support of multiple partners and collaborators the creation of the eco-centre in the village of Rincão continues. The arrival of the glass recycling machine generated so much curiosity among the community members that they decided to test the first produced sand for the repair of the holes in the floor of the Eco-centre/ Fisher centre. Máquina de reciclagem de vidro chega a Porto Rincão! Com a participação e apoio de múltiplos parceiros e colaboradores, continua a criação do...
26. November 2019
The team from the television network Record TV Cabo Verde joined our marine surveys to learn about research methods, marine biodiversity and challenges in Cabo Verde. During the boat based survey we explore south-west side of Santiago Island recording marine megafauna species. During the underwater exploration in Quebra Canela Bay we introduced TV crew and viewers to the underwater treasures of the most visited urban marine and coastal ecosystem in capita Praia.
22. November 2019
In November we started of the ECO-CITIZENSHIP program in our target project sites on the island os Santiago as part of the Darwin Initiative funded project "Eco-village approach to enhance socio-ecological resilience in Cabo Verde First training was organized in the community of São Francisco with an active participation of almost 200 children and teachers from the local school Escola Não Agrupada de São Francisco and in collaboration with the ADSF - Associação para Desenvolvimento de São...
28. September 2019
Ecocv and partners are preparing for the first underwater expedition to assess marine biodiversity on Santiago Island, Cape Verde !! Follow us to progress!
24. September 2019
Workshop 'Eco-Village/Raiz Azul' to identify potential indicators to monitor the changes in the resilience of the socio-ecological system in the project area on the island of Santiago. Dr. Ronan Roche (Bangor University) started his visit in Cabo Verde with the presentation on the overview of key marine conservation challenges, shared experience from the Darwin Initiative funded project in Vanuatu and introduced potential indicators for the monitoring program.
20. September 2019
Today, during our first dive, we tested the underwater visual survey technique to evaluate the diversity and biomass of marine species in Quebra Canela Bay.

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