Monitoring of coralline communities in Moia Moia: bleaching and sargassum

Following observations of coral bleaching in several locations in Santiago, we returned to BAÍA DE MOIA MOIA, which is home to one of the largest platforms of lesser starlet coral (Siderastrea radians) on the island. Unfortunately, here we also found large patches of coral in different stages of bleaching. Furthermore, Sargasso algae began to bloom, further reducing light penetration essencial for corals, as well as completely covering the white sand beach, and of course, bringing the trash (mainly plastic) that sargassum collects along the way. Although biodiversity still persists, we need to take proactive steps to help these vital ecosystems to survive. If they die, mosto of the fish that depend on these habitats will also disappear, including endemic and commercially important ones.


Project: Participatory monitoring of coralline communities on the island of Santiago. Funded by: the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment of Cabo Verde

In collaboration with #NeptuneCV and prof. W.J.Szymaniak (#UniPiagetCV)