Participatory monitoring of coralline communities on Santiago Island

Marine survey in the zone of Porto Lobo, Santiago. Coral mapping. 

All four the most common hard coral species (Favia fragum, Sidastrea radians, Porites porites and Porites asteroides) were recorded in the bay. Quite a widely spread and healthy colonies of P. asteroides were found on the south side with some blocks reaching over half meter in height. Relatively healthy finger coral; while Favia fragum density is high in comparison to other areas that we surveyed, but a lot bleached colonies. 

Fish diversity was not high but a group of over 20 endemic mullet (Chelon bispinosus) was also spotted. Of course, plastic pollution in water and on the coast, sand extraction and high accumulation of algae Sargassum sp.  

Surveys are conducted as part of the project: Participatory monitoring of coralline communities in Santiago Island, Cabo Verde. The implementation of the National Conservation and Management Plan of Corals (2015) and The National Strategy and Action Plan for Biodiversity 2014-2030; in partnership with the National Directorate of Environment.