Climate change and plastic pollution

What can we do - what can I do ?


One of the main causes of climate change is the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The gases absorb some of the radiation that would otherwise be radiated, thus keeping the planet warm. Impacts include: sea level rise, reduced agricultural or fisheries production, species extinction, intensity of drought or storms.

In Cabo Verde we do not have large industries or high carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the transport sector, but... we have large amounts of plastic products that result in plastic waste!

Plastics are derived from petroleum and continue to emit greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide or methane at every stage of their cycle. Typically, the ocean has the capacity to sequester 30-50% of CO2 emissions. Evidence suggests that plankton are ingesting large amounts of microplastics that affect their ability to absorb greenhouse gases.

Solutions: learn to understand; support and participate in plastic recycling initiatives; reuse plastic containers, choose non-plastic options such as reusable bags or bottles.


The education and awareness raising activities are financed by the program" Raising awareness about combating the climate change' of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Senegal.