Celebrating World Fisheries Day - Santiago Island

Since 1998 World Fisheries Day is celebrated annually to highlight the importance of this marine based labour sector. It is celebrated at the 21st of November also to signal the importance of conservation of oceans, rivers, lakes and fish species.

We wanted to underline the importance of sustainable fisheries and to honour the fishermen from Porto Mosquito and P. Rincão (project sites) and for so we marked the date with various activities:

- photography exhibition;

- “boat tattooing” with fish shapes to facilitate the evaluation of the minimum required size of three fish species (blue spotted sea bream, black spot picarel, bigeye scad);

- placing panels to register sightings of cetaceans, sharks and turtles to facilitate participatory monitoring registers; and

- “rod fishing” to test the youngest skills.

We are very happy that both communities have joined us to celebrate! 💙 Thank you all!

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