News from the Eco Centre of Rincão, Santiago Isand

Last weekend we were at the Eco Centre and met with the team in charge. So, what happened?

  • State of play about the first experimental month;
  • Teams and work schedule reorganized;
  • Improved the glass storage location;
  • Experimented to make a small brick with the grounded glass;
  • Placed four containers for bottle collection in local bars and mini-markets.

As important as to have a good team - responsible for the Eco Centre and to operate the glass recycling machine properly, is to have a conscience community. Therefore, we are very happy to have new allies against random glass waste in nature and people who accepted for us to place a container at their commercial establishments.


The experimental phase continues, always aiming a positive income for the environment and for the community!


Darwin Initiative


Raiz Azul

#glassrecycling #portorincao