Community guides training in Porto Mosquito, Santiago Island

We had an exciting weekend in Porto Mosquito. We had two training sessions about community-based ecotourism (marine and terrestrial) for future community guides. The professional guides, Né from Nauticas Tavares and Fredy from CardosoTours, shared their experience with local fisherman and members of the community interested in working in the future with ecotourism.  Both approached about personal and visitant’s security, organization and maintenance of all necessary equipment, valorisation and protection of natural resources. Also, the participants experienced activities that can be done with the visitants (snorkeling, participatory monitoring on biodiversity, tracking…). 

After such intense activities, we had a cosy and energizing meal with a local family! 

So, the community guides keep with their ongoing training but are becoming each day better-prepared to receive the next visitants.

Darwin Initiative


Raiz Azul

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