Quebra Canela Project: assessment of marine biodiversity and coastal pollution in the urban marine ecosystem

In March before Quebra Canela beach (Praia, Santiago island) was closed to the public, we carried out a survey focused on the distribution and content of waste in the marine and coastal area of Quebra Canela. Unsurprisingly, plastic was the dominant type of waste, but on the marine area high percentage of metal and fabric were also found. As soon as the beach is reopened the survey will be repeated to collect information on changes associated with the reduced use by humans of this unique urban ecosystem.

 These surveys are part of the project: The unique marine ecosystem of Quebra Canela bay, Praia, Santiago island: critical baseline of the marine biodiversity and the value of the marine ecosystem services' funded by the Ministry of Education of Cabo Verde, cabinet of higher Education, Science and Technology (GESTC).