The Eco-citizenship program on the island of Santiago.

In November we started of the ECO-CITIZENSHIP program in our target project sites on the island os Santiago as part of the Darwin Initiative funded project "Eco-village approach to enhance socio-ecological resilience in Cabo Verde First training was organized in the community of São Francisco with an active participation of almost 200 children and teachers from the local school Escola Não Agrupada de São Francisco and in collaboration with the ADSF - Associação para Desenvolvimento de São Francisco. During the theoretical session we shared impacts of plastic pollution, looked at the challenges and potential solutions. Two bins for recycling of paper and plastic were installed in the school and the contract was signed with the young representative for the responsible recycling. The two members of our partner organization the ADSF agreed to the first trial and the installation of the bins for recycling in their houses. The plastic and paper waste accumulation will be followed using specially designed timetables.