Start of the Project "Development of National Cetacean Conservation Platform in Cabo Verde"

On the 2nd of November, at the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture of Cabo Verde, ECOCV officially signed the contract for the development of the National Cetacean Conservation Platform in Cabo Verde, funded by 'Fundo do Ambiente".

One of the first activities was training of UNICV students in participatory monitoring of marine megafauna in Praia with the focus on Quebra Canela Bay. Local fishers have been telling stories of pilot whales and dolphins passing by the Bay. Our goal is to establish occurrence and diversity of species at the same time to train volunteers for the long-term monitoring. 

Over the next few months we will be intensively working for the preparation of the national workshops for the development of Code of Conduct and National Cetacean Sightings and Strandings Platform in Cabo Verde.