UniCV KIDS summer program

ECOCV took part in the UniCV KIDS summer program. The overall objective was to teach various subjects such as robotics, english, marine biology in novel and interactive way. ECOCV delivered classes on fish and shark biology and conservation, whale and dolphin rescue and strandings principles, plastic pollution and marine conservation where we dicussed overfishing, shifting baselines and benefits of marine protected areas globally and in Cabo Verde. During the last session we took our young students to the Quebra Canela Beach in Praia. We explored biodiversity in tidal pools, trained to save the stranded whale, made sand sculptures of marine animals and just had good fun by the sea. At the end all students were issued certificates. We taught but we also learnt a lot and look forward to the next summer ! Thanks to UniCV Palmarejo Campus for organising such an interesting and useful educational program.